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PureForm is the leading manufacturer of cannabinoids for consumer brands and human therapeutics, shaping the future through continuous innovation and commitment to science. 



In 2013, we began the effort to produce the most promising molecules in cannabis without using the plant itself, which is prohibited for all uses in most countries. That year, our team discovered a way to combine components of citrus and those of a unique evergreen shrub to make a bio­identical cannabidiol, or CBD. We spent the next two years developing methods to reliably combine a proprietary blend of terpene starting materials to consistently produce the molecule. In 2016, our research led to the development of the first pure, unadulterated, bioidentical CBD. We then went on to perfect our proprietary manufacturing method and in 2017 began industrial-scale production of a 99.5%+ pure product. Today, PureForm has developed the global capacity to produce its CBD in commercial quantities, at near-perfect purity, with no regulatory barriers.