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PureForm™ Cannabinoids Overview


Cannabinoids are molecules originally found only in cannabis and hemp. PureForm has changed that.


PureForm has created the first bioidentical cannabinoids derived from natural materials, free from cannabis. Our cannabinoids are indistinguishable on a molecular level from those found in plants, with a level or purity that is unique in the scientific world. 

PureForm’s cannabinoids are pharmaceutical grade, completely consistent, pure, bioidentical, soluble, and available at commercial scale. Our process has none of the seasonal limitations of hemp and cannabis-derived cannabinoids or the chemical manufacturing limitations of biosynthetics.

The starting materials for our unique cannabinoids are organic, and we achieve a near-neutral carbon footprint during production. This is in sharp contrast to the intense, resource-and-chemical-heavy cultivation and extraction process for cannabinoids derived from cannabis plants. “PureForm” is more than the company’s name, it is a statement of our approach.


We are engaged in an asymmetric approach; first, we have identified readily available bioactive natural products, and second, we have developed efficient semi-synthetic routes to natural product scaffolds that are not efficiently available either by isolation or total synthesis. 

The resultant natural product libraries are then deployed for a wide range of applications from consumer products to pharmaceutical development.

Unparalleled purity, consistency, stability, and scale.